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Create professional invoices and get paid in just a few clicks. 

Start invoicing now

Quick and easy

Issue invoices fast on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Download the SumUp App and go to “Invoices” or visit to get started.

Create invoices free

Unlimited invoices at no extra cost. SumUp only takes a transaction fee of 2.50% if your customer pays the invoice via the online payment link.

Get paid faster

When customers receive an invoice in their inbox, they can pay it in a few clicks via a payment link. You can check the payment status on your mobile or computer.

Smart invoicing

No more Excel or Word templates. Your logo and business details automatically appear on every invoice you create.

There’s no need to assign invoice numbers or calculate prices and VAT, SumUp Invoices does it for you.

And once you get paid, SumUp Invoices will match the payment with the invoice, so you don’t have to do it.

Optimize your invoicing

Easy payments

Offer a secure payment option that’s less error-prone than transfers. Your customers can pay you in one click.

With all of your payments in one place, you can quickly see which invoices are paid. And if an invoice is overdue, you can remind your customer. Less need for notes, everything at a glance.

Mistake free

Whether or not you’re registered for VAT, your invoices need to follow some legal requirements. 

We’ve prepared an intuitive step-by-step flow that reduces the risk of making mistakes or missing some important information. With SumUp Invoices, you have peace of mind that your invoices are accurate.

Create and send unlimited invoices

With SumUp Invoices, you don’t have any fixed costs. You just pay a fee when your customers pay the invoice online through the payment link. There are no fees for cash or cheque payments.


Monthly costs


Monthly costs


Per card transaction

Centralise your invoicing and your payments

Invoice for free

No credit card required | no costs

SumUp Invoices makes it effortless to create invoices. It also makes it easier for our customers to pay, so everyone wins.

Customers love it, and I get paid faster. It just works!

Rachael Coutts, Carnivàle Vintage

Have questions? We’ve got you covered

Creating an invoice might not sound that difficult but with your payment dependent on every detail being correct, they’re important to get right. That’s why we’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand SumUp Invoices and how to create and send an invoice.