Mobile Card Machines

Card-paid amounts are usually higher than with cash: card acceptance initiates spontaneous purchases. In particular, tourists prefer easy paying by credit card. Moreover, cash-free paying of small amounts using payment cards is gaining. Still, some vendors do not use card terminals: using expensive card machines mostly requires a monthly minimal turnover and high fees, often with credit card machines. However, affordable mobile card readers support payment without additional cost:

SumUp, for instance, offers its compact Air card machine providing several modes of payment for expected customer service. This PDQ terminal is state-of-the-art of a technology Visa introduced in 1979.

Card payment machines

EFTPOS, the electronic funds transfer at points of sale (POS), supports cash-free paying: financial services providers offer payment cards accepted by POS terminals, such as debit, credit and prepaid cards. Smart payment cards carry chips obeying the EMV standard by former company Europay International (MasterCard Europe), MasterCard and Visa. These Chip-and-PIN cards, UK mainstream since 2006, come with Personal Identification Numbers card owners enter into chip-card terminals. PINs clear transactions at points of sale and ATMs, such as paying or balance checking, with EMV chips enhancing payment safety. Most card terminals support regular telephone lines, wired or wireless Internet connection to card issuers.

mobile card machines by sumup

We employ proprietary end-to-end technology for EMV payments. Our inexpensive card machines in UK and European shops allow mobile card payment, eliminating stationary check-out and wasted space. Rapid paying without cash handover reduces check-out queueing, wrong change and counterfeit money – small cash reserves render thefts less likely.

Mobile card machines

Few customers still authorise card payments by signature. Without sufficient funds, however, customers leave with unpaid goods. In contrast, card machines establish payment status with the card issuer in real time. Moreover, on-chip funds given, smart-card readers support micropayments of small amounts.

Air reader for app-based payment handling

For micropayments, smart-card readers support contact-free NFC (Near Field Communication) via RFID (radio frequency identification). In addition, SumUp's card reader, Air, communicates with tablets and smartphones where SumUp App, our free app, keeps your product info for card payments. Thus, SumUp App keeps real-time tabs on your sales while supporting personal accounts for your sales and service people. On Androids and iOS devices, retailers and small to mid-size companies as well as large corporations connect to Air device.

Inexpensive card readers

After your free sign-up to SumUp, you use our smart terminals as your mobile POS. With Air readers, sales and service staff accept payment everywhere: any spot within your sales areas, companies or homes of your clients, fairs, streets – all over the world, in contrast with some other payment service providers.

inexpensive card machine for uk market

Air accepts major cards including Amex (American Express), Visa and MasterCard credit cards as well as MasterCard's Maestro and Visa Europe's V PAY debit cards. The payment terminal observes EC/girocard standards valid in Germany as the largest European economy.

Transparent transaction cost – fast funds release

SumUp bills just 1.69 percent of each credit or debit card payment without further cost or long-term contracts, which suggests Air terminals both to low-profit businesses and merchants with many transactions. Also, Air card readers mean released funds to vendors within a few days, maintaining liquidity.

Summing Up: easy·safe·fast·mobile·global·open

Your mobile devices link up to SumUp's mobile card reader, supporting customised handling of real-time transactions: customers authorise payment amounts on Air which received them from SumUp App which e-mails or messages receipts.

safe mobile card machine

SumUp is PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) – Air supports safe payments via 3G, 4G (LTE) or WLAN. Neither this credit card machine nor SumUp App store your or your customer's sensitive data. Moreover, our app and our card payment machine send strongly encrypted information only, using power-saving Bluetooth Smart.

Our app supports your self-defined income categories – you use your iPad and other devices as full-fledged cash register system, managing your inventory as well.

About SumUp: toward global card acceptance

Headquartered in London, the European market leader for mobile points of sale (mPOS) was founded in 2011. More than 300 employees deliver goods and services in 15 countries, including fifth-largest global economy UK, populous BRICS member Brazil and, since 2012, leading European economy Germany. Air card machines in UK shops simplify wireless acceptance of debit and credit cards since 2014.

SumUp finances itself via American Express, Groupon and further renowned venture capital sources. The British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has licensed SumUp as payment institution (587718).

Turnover doubled over the past six months, approaching one hundred million US$ – besides for big enterprises and midsize companies, we provide Air as inexpensive card machine for small business.

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