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Paying via credit card is now commonplace and it should no longer be considered a luxury feature, but an indispensable aspect of a merchant’s business services.

Card-paid amounts are usually higher than those with cash as card acceptance initiates spontaneous purchases. In particular, tourists prefer the ease paying by credit card proffers.

Some vendors use expensive card machines to accept credit and debit cards, which produce a monthly minimal turnover while demanding high fees.

However, there are affordable mobile card readers that support payment processing without additional costs. SumUp, for instance, offers its compact Air card machine, providing several modes of payment for this now expected customer service.

Card payment machines

Smart payment cards carry chips obeying the EMV standard set by former company Europay International (MasterCard Europe), MasterCard and Visa. These chip-and-PIN cards, UK mainstream since 2006, come with Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) that cardholders enter into chip card terminals.

PINs clear transactions at points of sale and ATMs, such as paying or balance checking, with EMV chips enhancing payment safety. Most card terminals’ connection to card issuers are supported by regular telephone lines, wired or wireless Internet.

SumUp employs proprietary end-to-end technology for EMV payments.

Our inexpensive card machines in shops around the world allow mobile card payment, eliminating stationary registers and expanding the possibilities for points of sale.

Rapid paying without cash handover reduces checkout queueing, chance of incorrect change and counterfeit money. Additionally, small cash reserves render thefts less likely.

Mobile card machines

Few customers still authorise card payments by signature. Even fewer merchants employ the archaic credit card imprinter which makes an imprint of the client’s card for receipt or record purposes. The world of business technology has moved on.

In contrast, mobile card machines establish payment status with the card issuer in real time. No extra work is required and the payment process is now more secure than ever. Moreover, smart card readers support micropayments of small amounts.

Air reader for app-based payment handling

For micropayments, smart-card readers support contact-free NFC (Near Field Communication) via RFID (radio frequency identification).

In addition, SumUp Air card reader, communicates with tablets and smartphones where our free SumUp App stores merchant product information for card payments.

Thus, the SumUp App keeps real-time tabs on merchants’ sales while supporting personal accounts for their sales and staff.

Retailers and small to mid-size companies as well as large corporations can easily connect to our Air device on Androids and iOS devices.

Inexpensive card readers

After your free signup to SumUp, you use can our smart terminals as your mobile POS. With Air readers, sales and service staff can accept payments almost anywhere mobiles have service.

Imagine sale areas, companies, clientele homes, pop-up shops and fairs all over the world easily taking payments via mobile POS systems.

In contrast with some other payment service providers, the mobility afforded by SumUp Air allows you to run your business geographically unbounded.

Air accepts major cards including Amex (American Express), Visa and MasterCard credit cards as well as MasterCard's Maestro and Visa Europe's V PAY debit cards.

The payment terminal observes the standards of the European Commission and that of the Girocard, valid in Germany as it boasts the largest European economy.

Transparent Transaction Cost

SumUp bills just bills just 1.69 percent of each credit or debit card payment without further cost or long-term contracts, which suggests Air terminals both to small-profit businesses and also to merchants with many transactions. Also, Air Card Readers mean released funds to vendors within a few quick days, maintaining your business’ liquidity.

Summing Up: Easy·Mobile·Global

Your mobile devices can link to SumUp's mobile card reader, supporting customised handling of real-time transactions during which customers authorise payment amounts on the Air.

These payments are received by the the SumUp App, which will send the receipts via email or SMS if requested.

SumUp is PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) – Air supports safe payments via 3G, 4G (LTE) or WLAN.

Moreover, our app and our card payment machine send only heavily-encrypted information, using power-saving Bluetooth Smart technology.

Our app can easily support your self-defined income categories – you can use your iPad and other devices as a full-fledged cash register system, managing your inventory competently and confidently.

About SumUp: Toward Global Card Acceptance

Headquartered in London, the European market leader for mobile points of sale (mPOS) was founded in 2011. More than 300 employees deliver goods and services in 31 countries, including the top ranking global economies of the U.S. and the fifth-largest global economy, the UK, populous BRICS member Brazil and since 2012, the leading European economy, Germany.

SumUp is EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) and PCI-DSS certified. Additionally, the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has licensed SumUp as a payment institution (587718) for the UK.

Turnover has doubled over the past six months, approaching $100 million US dollars. This has not tempered our company’s heart for the sole merchant. In addition to big enterprises and midsize companies, we provide Air as an inexpensive card machine for small businesses.

In Summary

Mobile credit card machines offer several modes of payment and remove brick-and-mortar boundaries previously imposed upon businesses. Utilising a smartphone app, merchants can now easily process card payments for a modest price. SumUp’s card reader is on the forefront of the European mPOS market and is growing in global popularity, its reputation speaking for itself.

SumUp offers you the best solution in card payments

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With SumUp, you can quickly and easily accept credit and debit card payments with your smartphone or tablet.