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Portable, contactless card machines aren’t just for big businesses

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Summary: In this article, we’ll take you through why a credit card machine could benefit your business, the power of accepting card payments through contactless and mobile devices, and how to keep taking payments affordable in the UK with the help of SumUp

Every business you walk into nowadays tends to have a credit card machine at hand. With customers increasingly wanting to make contactless payments, owning a portable card machine of your own has never been more important. 

Card machine prices and costs used to be so extortionate that small businesses often opted for just accepting cash. Not to mention the binding contracts and masses of bureaucracy that came along with it. Then card machines for small businesses were born. 

Now, affordable mobile card readers exist that support payment processing without additional costs, contracts or surprises. Here’s what you need to know… 

Finding the right card machine for you 

We offer two card reader machines that were designed in-house with the small business owner in mind. Looking for more? The second you’re signed up to SumUp you’ll also have access to a series of remote payment solutions such as the ability to set up your own online store, create gift cards and send invoices to customers.

The SumUp Air Card Reader 

The SumUp Air Card Reader communicates with tablets and smartphones where our free SumUp App stores merchant product information for card payments. What does this mean? 

Well, the SumUp App keeps real-time tabs on merchants’ sales while supporting personal accounts for your sales and staff. It’s everything you need in one trusty place. Retailers and small to mid-size companies as well as large corporations can easily connect to our Air device on Androids and iOS devices.

The SumUp 3G Card Reader 

The SumUp 3G Card Reader is a standalone device that doesn’t need an Android of iOS device to function. With its free, unlimited data SIM card, all you need to do is connect to your local network or simply use Wifi.

What are portable card machines? 

Credit card machines accept payments from smart payment cards. These chip-and-PIN cards come with Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) that cardholders enter into card payment machines.

Most card terminals’ connection to card issuers is supported by regular telephone lines, wired or wireless Internet. SumUp’s portable card machines allow for mobile card payment, getting rid of the need for a stationary register. What does that mean? Well, you can get paid wherever you are. Simply take your credit card machine to your customer. 

Why use mobile card machines? 

Mobile card machines establish payment status with the card issuer in real-time. That means no extra work is required and the payment process is now more secure than ever. These smart card readers also support micropayments of small amounts, so you don’t have to think about card machine costs and your customers can pay without being charged a fee. 

Forget about card machine costs 

After your free signup to SumUp, you’re ready to start accepting payments. With our card Reader, sales and service staff can accept payments almost anywhere mobiles have a connection.

Whether you’re in-store or on-the-go you can now easily take payments with our wireless credit card machine. 

Our card readers accepts major cards including Amex (American Express), Visa and MasterCard credit cards as well as MasterCard's Maestro and Visa Europe's V PAY debit cards.

How are our card machines made for small businesses? 

It’s pretty simple. SumUp bills just 1.69% of each credit or debit card payment without further cost or contracts. Use the card reader whenever you need to without the fear of extra costs or any other surprises. Our card readers are also made with people like you in mind. That means they’re both affordable and easy-to-use and setup. 

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The logistics 

With SumUp’s affordable card machine price, you can start to take debit and credit card payments without the need for a stationary countertop. 

SumUp is PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.)

Our app and our card payment machine send only heavily-encrypted information, using power-saving Bluetooth Smart technology.

Our app can easily support your self-defined income categories – you can use your iPad and other devices as a full-fledged cash register system, managing your inventory competently and confidently

About SumUp 

We believe that every business should have access to affordable, easy-to-use payment solutions, no matter their size. Back in 2012, SumUp was founded by a small team with one goal in mind – to create a world where small business owners can be successful doing what they love. So, we created one. 

Today, over 3 million small business owners rely on us to get them paid and we operate across 33 countries with offices around the globe. 

What started out as one card reader has now turned into a range of readers, multiple remote payment solutions, business organisational tools and so much more. Let’s keep adding to that list. 

Whether you’re a street food vendor, a salon owner or a sales assistant we want to make technology that anyone can use and everyone has access to. 

From our paperless onboarding to taking the first payment, we want to make things simple. That means no contracts, no hidden fees, no bureaucracy and no surprises. 

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