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What is a POS system and how do I use it?

POS stands for point of sale which, at its most basic, is a till that runs on powerful software equipping you with tools to expand your business capabilities and access useful insights and information about your performance. If you’re running a hospitality or retail business, a point of sale system is a must if you want to create a seamless checkout experience for you and your customers.

What does a POS system do?

POS solutions offer bespoke, user-focused software tailored to your everyday business needs. POS solutions make it easier to run your daily operations and give you access to important performance reports on your sales, staff performance, stocks and customer information. These tools can be used remotely and updates can be received in real-time. This means business owners can gain better insights into their performance as well as customer behaviour, so they can identify opportunities to grow and make smarter business decisions.

Often coming with integrated payment solutions, your till system communicates directly with your POS software and cuts out manual entry through automation. This allows for faster and smoother transactions for you and your customers.

Modern POS hardware usually consists of a tablet or iPad for in-store and till usage as well as card readers, cash drawers and receipt printers. The POS can also be integrated with accounting, eCommerce and delivery tools to provide an all-in-one help hub for your business, to ensure you can run your entire operation from one single place.

How to use a POS system

A POS system works just like your average cash-based till but with a range of extra features you can take advantage of. POS systems are designed with the user in mind, so processing orders and accepting payments is fast and simple.

The extensive list of POS add-on features and integrations that help save you time and effort include: 

  • Reporting: Get valuable data about your sales, products, customers and more presented in a simple way.

  • Stock management: Manage and order your stock while always having an overview of your inventory. 

  • Loyalty features: Reward your valued customers with discounts, special offers and more. 

  • Displays screens: Send orders and additional information directly to the kitchen.

SumUp Point of Sale

Whether you’re running a hospitality or retail business, navigating all of the different elements of your day-to-day operations can be tricky. With a flexible, all-in-one point of sale system, you can make it simple. Manage your stock, menus, employees and customers and always accept safe and secure payments. You’ll also have access to useful insights that can help you pump up your sales.

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