Payments and finance

Learn more about our tools that make it easy to accept payments and manage your business.

The SumUp Online Store has been refit and relaunched.
Payments and finance

Sell online for free with the SumUp Online Store

We're announcing the relaunch of the SumUp Online Store.

SumUp Team

Oct 5, 2021

5 ways to get paid with SumUp

Cashless payment is more than just card readers, at SumUp, we offer a few ways you can get paid without cash.

Max Elias

Sep 17, 2021

Using SumUp and our card readers for your small business

Get started with SumUp and accept payments by phone, debit card, and credit card. Compare card readers to find the best solution for your business.

Max Elias

Aug 18, 2021

two people waiting to be seen by doctor during pandemic

SumUp and the medical sector: Safe, cashless payments

The safe and simple ways to pay during a global pandemic.

Aaron Nevin

Jul 4, 2021

Paying with phone

Paying with phone: The most important questions and answers

Learn how to accept and use mobile payments.

Jun 29, 2021

Stay on top of your business finances with our new reporting tools

Check out what’s new on your SumUp Dashboard.

Callum Conway

Jun 23, 2021