Payments and finance

Learn more about our tools that make it easy to accept payments and manage your business.

Payments and finance

The SumUp ecosystem: Everything you need in one place

A handy overview of our payment solutions and business tools.

Aaron Nevin

May 25, 2022

Man holding a bank card while using a laptop.

What is a sort code?

What is a bank sort code? If you’re in the UK or Ireland, you probably have one. Here’s why.

Max Elias

May 16, 2022

Faster payments: a simple guide to instant money transfers in the UK

Find out how to make sure you're not paying for the convenience of instant transfers.

SumUp Team

May 11, 2022

Digital banks vs. high-street banks – how do they compare?

High-street banks were once the one stop shop for all things banking. Not anymore.

SumUp Team

May 4, 2022

IBAN, BIC, SWIFT, SEPA: What’s in an acronym?

Read our quick guide to some of the most common acronyms in the banking industry.

Max Elias

Apr 26, 2022