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shoes stock photo

Scapino & SumUp: The perfect fit

Dutch shoe and fashion giant Scapino have teamed up with SumUp to make their business mobile.

Aaron Nevin

Mar 15, 2021

France’s fire brigade opts for contactless calendar sales

SumUp joins forces with France's national fire brigade to sell calendars.


Jan 25, 2021

A SumUp card reader with a tablet running JTL-POS.

Taking businesses to the next level: JTL-POS & SumUp

SumUp and JTL-POS are a match made in heaven for savvy businesses.

Callum Conway

Nov 12, 2020

The importance of offering delivery services: SumUp & Goodeats

We took a look at how you can adapt your business to offer this vital service.

Ashleigh Grady

Oct 26, 2020

What is PrestaShop and how does it work with SumUp?

Looking for an e-commerce solution? SumUp's integration with PrestaShop is a great way to take your business online.

Ashleigh Grady

Sep 18, 2020

The Jungfraubahn close up, driving up the Jungfraujoch

Contactless payments at the 'Top of Europe': Jungfraubahn & SumUp

Find out how Jungfraubahn used SumUp to modernise their payment system.

Callum Conway

Sep 16, 2020