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Discover first-hand tips, tricks and tales from small businesses.

Merchants and partners

How Candid Beer transformed their workday with SumUp POS

We chatted to Mark Bamping, founder of Candid Beer, about how SumUp POS helped transform his business.

Aaron Nevin

Jun 24, 2022

How Ten Green Bottles Co. boosted sales with SumUp POS

We chatted to Ten Green Bottles Co. in Staffordshire, UK, about how SumUp POS has transformed their workday.

Aaron Nevin

Jun 22, 2022

VICE Italy and SumUp present the LOCALS series

SumUp and VICE Italy shine a light on local merchants and celebrate their unique stories and love for the community.

SumUp Team

Jun 15, 2022

Control your money with ease

4 merchants explain how SumUp tools help them run their business.

Judith Wieghardt

May 13, 2022


Five Elephant Coffee: Our story with SumUp

Five Elephant are a well-known cafe, bakery and coffee roastery in Berlin, Germany. We chatted to them about their journey and how they use SumUp card readers every day.

Aaron Nevin

May 9, 2022

From taxi driver to blacksmith

Read the stories of 4 inspiring women entrepreneurs.

SumUp Team

Mar 24, 2022