How to maintain a relationship with customers at a distance

Whether you’re looking for remote payment methods, or simply for communication channels that allow you to maintain a good relationship with your customers, we’ve put together the best tools for you to stay connected.

How to get paid remotely

When you’re going through an off-peak period, keeping a regular cash flow is vital to your business. Depending on your needs, there are different ways you can carry out transactions remotely...


A good way to accept payments remotely is to send invoices to your customers. When you think of the word "invoice", the first image that comes to mind is of austere Excel files containing endless data entries, or old impersonal word invoice templates from another time.

That's why we've launched SumUp Invoices to give you the ability to send your customers an invoice in just a few clicks via your app, all while complying with the legal regulations in force.

Intuitive and fast, you’ll be able to see an overview of all the invoices you issue, and all the payments, paid or not, by your customers in the blink of an eye.

Links are a great way to securely accept cash while keeping some distance between you and your customers. With SumUp, certain merchants can use Payment Links to transact remotely with just their smartphone.

This reliable and secure option allows you to send a payment link to your customers via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook or QR code. On this unique link, they will be able to securely complete their banking information in order to pay the amount you have previously chosen. Once the transaction has been successfully completed, you will be able to forward the corresponding receipt directly to the customer.


If you offer home delivery, or if you run a grocery, it's important to let your customers know that your payment terminal offers a contactless option. The SumUp Air terminal and the SumUp 3G accept all contactless cards (NFC). And, the cash limit has just risen in the UK to encourage more contactless transactions.


We are well aware that for many, offering services remotely is not always possible. A great alternative could be creating vouchers that your customers can buy now and then redeem later.

Our Sales team can also talk to you about how your business can benefit from offering these digital tools.

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Keep in touch with your customers

If your business is experiencing a period of downtime, it’s important to inform your customers of the concrete actions you are taking.


Emails are a very common form of communication used by companies. In fact, you may well have even received a message from SumUp recently.

Both simple emails and more detailed newsletters serve the purpose of informing your customers that your services continue to work despite the slow period. They are also a great way to announce the arrival of new products.

Two questions you should ask yourself before you start are: 

  1. Do you have a GDPR compliant list of customer email addresses at your disposal? 

  2. Do you really have something to say? For example:

  • You are now moving to offer home deliveries 

  • Your consultations or courses are now online

  • You offer the possibility to buy vouchers

  • You have the possibility to send the orders by mail

  • You are available to answer questions by phone or email and can ensure the continuity of your customer service.

These are all valid reasons to reach out to your customers to update them.

Some people tend to think that, with the flood of emails we all receive, it would be a waste of time to use this tool to talk to customers. However, during off-peak periods, many people find themselves behind a screen all day long and, in fact, more attentive.

And, your most loyal customers are actually looking for information: their favourite restaurant now offers home delivery? Their psychologist offers online consultations? You'd be surprised how many customers would be happy to stay updated.

Social networks

Social networks are a great point of contact to establish and maintain a good relationship with customers.

Like email, you can use social media platforms to keep your customers informed of the actions you take.

Additionally, many merchants and entrepreneurs are getting even more ingenious when it comes to these platforms. Using Facebook or Instagram Live, restaurants are launching live cooking workshops, bars are broadcasting live music sessions, even theatres are using their networks to show their previously confidential plays to the public.

The important thing to remember is that finding a way to regularly update your social networks will allow you to ensure good communication with your customers, and also to broaden your audience.

Just like you, SumUp has also decided to be more active with its community on social networks. To do so, we’ve launched the #SmallBusinessBigIdeas campaign that invites you to share your initiatives during this period.

This campaign is designed to put you in the spotlight, and to show how talented our merchants are, even in these difficult times.

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Ashleigh Grady