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A customer uses their smartphone to scan a QR code at a table set with baked goods.

How to take contactless payments with SumUp QR Codes

Find out how to create a new kind of convenience using QR codes.

Callum Conway

Apr 8, 2021

A woman holding up an item of clothing while surrounded by other clothes.

Live shopping: the latest trend in connecting with customers online

Offer your customers e-commerce with a human touch.

Callum Conway

Mar 22, 2021

How your business can start preparing for Christmas

Here’s a rundown of SumUp’s top festive season tips.

Anna Marie Allgaier

Dec 16, 2020

10 Christmas tips for small traders

Lucia Cherchi

Nov 26, 2020

The SumUp Gift Card section of the SumUp App, next to a gift card social media post.

How to promote your SumUp Gift Cards on social media

Sell digital gift cards to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

Callum Conway

Jul 16, 2020

A SumUp Card next to a SumUp Air Card Reader

The SumUp Card is now 3D Secure

Paul O'Callaghan

Jul 8, 2020