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Opening a cafe: The essential guide

A simple, 7-step guide on opening your own coffee shop in the UK.

Aaron Nevin

Apr 20, 2022

IBAN, BIC, SWIFT, SEPA: What’s in an acronym?

Read our quick guide to some of the most common acronyms in the banking industry.

Max Elias

Apr 26, 2022

How to take professional product photos with your smartphone

Learn how to take great product photos using just your smartphone.

Max Elias

Mar 9, 2022


Business advice

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Becoming an entrepreneur: What does it actually take?

We surveyed 540 entrepreneurs to reveal what it takes to run a business.

SumUp Team

22 May 2022

How to do market research

Market research is essential for any business, and it’s important to know how to make use of it. Here’s how you can.

Max Elias

12 May 2022

How to establish your business brand

Ready to make your business stand out? That means building your business brand. Learn the definition of branding in the context of business.

Max Elias

6 May 2022

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Man holding a bank card while using a laptop.

What is a sort code?

What is a bank sort code? If you’re in the UK or Ireland, you probably have one. Here’s why.

Max Elias

16 May 2022

Faster payments: a simple guide to instant money transfers in the UK

Find out how to make sure you're not paying for the convenience of instant transfers.

SumUp Team

11 May 2022

Digital banks vs. high-street banks – how do they compare?

High-street banks were once the one stop shop for all things banking. Not anymore.

4 May 2022

Control your money with ease

4 merchants explain how SumUp tools help them run their business.

Judith Wieghardt

13 May 2022


Five Elephant Coffee: Our story with SumUp

Five Elephant are a well-known cafe, bakery and coffee roastery in Berlin, Germany. We chatted to them about their journey and how they use SumUp card readers every day.

Aaron Nevin

9 May 2022

From taxi driver to blacksmith

Read the stories of 4 inspiring women entrepreneurs.

SumUp Team

24 Mar 2022