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Hospitality 101: Your guide to the UK’s hospitality sector

Our guide to hospitality in the UK looks at the different types of hospitality businesses and how technology can make it easier to re-open after lockdown.

Ashleigh Grady

May 16, 2021

A woman taking a picture of a green blazer

How to sell online without a website

Sell online using your business’s social media accounts.

Callum Conway

Apr 22, 2021

A customer uses their smartphone to scan a QR code at a table set with baked goods.

How to take contactless payments with SumUp QR Codes

Find out how to create a new kind of convenience using QR codes.

Callum Conway

Apr 8, 2021

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The SumUp App you know and love–but better

Alex Thumwood

Sep 1, 2019


Special Christmas Facebook Giveaway Terms & Conditions

Violeta Pirnog

Oct 17, 2017

SumUp - Winner of Emerging Payments Award 2017

Excellent Design! SumUp wins Emerging Payments Award 2017

Violeta Pirnog

Oct 9, 2017

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Farm to (online) table: Beloved London farmers Ted’s Veg go digital

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ted's Veg adapted their business and saw sales increase.

Max Elias

May 11, 2021

Community, coffee and carrying on: A chat with Little Lane Coffee Co.

We sat down with two business owners who turned a dream into reality.

Anna Marie Allgaier

Mar 22, 2021

Love, pizza, and SumUp: Meet the couple behind one of Italy’s top pizzerias

They opened just before the lockdown and are now among the 100 best pizzerias in Italy.

Lucia Cherchi

Feb 11, 2021

shoes stock photo

Scapino & SumUp: The perfect fit

Dutch shoe and fashion giant Scapino have teamed up with SumUp to make their business mobile.

Aaron Nevin

Mar 15, 2021

France’s fire brigade opts for contactless calendar sales

SumUp joins forces with France's national fire brigade to sell calendars.


Jan 25, 2021

The importance of offering delivery services: SumUp & Goodeats

We took a look at how you can adapt your business to offer this vital service.

Ashleigh Grady

Oct 26, 2020