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SumUp Air Card Reader

Your smartphone and our reader accept payments for you.

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Contactless or chip?

Let your customers choose the way they want to pay. Whether it’s via Chip and PIN, a tap of their card or phone, you’ll never have to turn a customer away.

Google Pay Phone
Nvc contactless payments active
Nvc contactless payments active

Contactless (NFC)

Chip & PIN

Google Pay

Apple Pay Icon

Apple Pay



SumUp Air and Cradle

Keep your Air Card Reader fully charged and ready for action with the cradle.

It shows your customers you accept card payments right away, and sits neatly on your countertop ready for smooth transactions.

More than a card reader

The SumUp mobile App and Dashboard do all the organising for you

Product Catalogue

View all of the products you've added to your catalogue. You can also add and edit the VAT rates for all of your products.

Easy admin

Track sales and make taxes easy with personal revenue reports. Manage multiple employee accounts from one place.

Digital cashier

Keep track of your tips, handle cash payments, and send digital receipts all within the app.

The best in its category

When we created Air we selected the best components to make sure it is the most advanced in its category. Equipped with NFC, Bluetooth and an integrated Li-ion battery. Air sets the standard for mobile card terminals.

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