Affiliate Programme

Every day, thousands of businesses rely on SumUp to get paid. Help them to choose the right card acceptance solution, and earn money for each card reader sold.

The highest commission in the industry

Earn up to €30 per paid SumUp Air or SumUp 3G.

Strong creatives and an excellent conversion rate

As our partner, you’ll receive exclusive access to our Affiliate Creative Deck. Additionally, you’ll be able to use a  dedicated Landing Page with a discounted price.

Continuous support

Quick and personal support from the SumUp Affiliate Team to make our partnership successful.


Do use our logo and banners on your website

Do write reviews and articles about our products

Do make videos on YouTube

Do use your social media and newsletter


Don’t mislead potential SumUp customers

Don’t use your link on Coupon or Deals websites

Don’t use your link to purchase your own card reader

Don’t bid on our brand keywords on PPC channels

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We will review your application and activate your account and then send you a unique affiliate link, which you can use on your blog or website. Each time a customer completes a purchase through your link, you will receive commission. With 30-days PostClickCookies, the user is attributed to you even if it takes some time for them to complete a purchase.

Are there any prerequisites?

You should have an online presence (e.g. website, blog or YouTube channel), preferably in the area of finance, business, or other related topics. You don’t need to be our customer to become an Online Affiliate Partner.

How much can I earn with SumUp Online Affiliate Program?

There is no commission threshold. Some of our Affiliates earn €20,000 monthly.

When and how do I get paid?

You get paid whenever you want. Simply send us an invoice and we’ll process it and transfer all your commissions directly to your bank account. The minimum payout amount is €200.

Join us now

We are sorry to inform you that we currently do not accept new application, as we would like to focus our currently limited resources on the existing partners. Once our Team will increase, we will resume the signing process. Thank you for your understanding.

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